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Bethlehem Wales

Postage & Delivery Performance


The postage prices for First Class and Second Class are the same as you would pay in a Post Office, but we receive a small commission which helps keep our price to you down.

We can only accept cards going to UK addresses, and for envelopes defined by Royal Mail as 'Letters' that is not exceeding:

Length: 24cm

Width: 16.5cm

Thickness up to and including: 0.5cm

Weight limit: 100g.

We cannot accept orders for addresses outside the UK, or for envelopes exceeding the above specifications.


Usually orders are dispatched within 3 working days of receiving your parcel of cards. 

Subject to us receiving your parcel of cards by 15 December, we promise to post them in time for them to reach their addressed destinations before Christmas, subject to Royal Mail actual performance.

However, we cannot be, and are not, responsible for the failure of Royal Mail to deliver your parcel of cards to us, or to deliver your cards to their destinations within expected timescales (First Class: no more than 2 delivery days. Second Class: no more than 5 delivery days).

No refunds will be due if we have taken reasonable actions to have your cards delivered before Christmas.


We accept orders from anywhere in the world subject to:

payment only in GBPs

parcels being received by us by Wednesday 15 December 2021

all addresses being in the UK

all envelopes within the size and weight guidelines above.

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